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The original SMART VALVE™ was an ingenious invention born from adaptation of physics and engineering principles to apply a solution to a common problem thus creating an entirely new market of water flow management devices. A new technology patent application was filed in 2010 and in 2014 Flow Dynamics was awarded the first patent in the field, US Patent 8,707,981. Over the next few years we installed countless valves, gaining valuable experience while continuously improving on the design.

While we were enjoying growing success, we realized that our original design had some inherent challenges and drawbacks which concerned the valve’s requirement to be internally calibrated prior to installation. This meant that if you ever had to make an adjustment to the valve for ANY reason, you would have to turn off the water and remove the valve to do so.

As a result, we set about a major re-design of a new SMART VALVE™ that would eliminate this issue.


The Second Generation Game Changer


As a result, we are thrilled to introduce the patent pending Second Generation SMART VALVE™, the first and only EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE flow management device available. With improvements rooted in years of experience with installations around the country in every type of facility, the advantages of the new design turn our original design and other internally calibrated valves into dinosaurs.

The SMART VALVE™ is now externally calibrated to your system AFTER installation, meaning we no longer need detailed up front site surveys and pressure readings to determine the optimum setting for your building. We have eliminated the guesswork of calibration and the inconsistent results and often costly expenses that have resulted from the older design.

In addition to achieving perfect calibration on every installation, in the event the setting needs to be changed in the future it can be done in seconds while the water is still running. If there is ever a major drop in city pressure (think water main break), the valve can be fully opened very quickly by returning it to the zero setting without the need for a plumber.

The Second Generation SMART VALVE™ design has worked so well it has exceeded even our highest hopes. The many advantages it has over the original design are tremendous and invaluable. In fact, we now do not offer the remaining older valves inventory which have been removed from stock in the best interest of our customers.

Our hope is that you will experience the new design for yourself.


SMART VALVE™ Development Timeline

  • 2008 – Initial design and development begins
  • 2009 – First commercial testing
  • 2010 – Patent application filed
  • 2012 – Flow Dynamics acquires the SMART VALVE™ technology and pending patent application
  • 2014 – US patent #8,707,981 is awarded to Flow Dynamics for SMART VALVE™ as the first patent of its kind in the field
  • 2016 – Flow Dynamics begins design and testing of the Second Generation SMART VALVE™
  • 2016 – Patent application filed
  • 2017 – Release of Second Generation SMART VALVE™ and retirement of original design