CES The Advantages


Second Generation SMART VALVE™ advantages include the following:

  • One-time Installation
    • The Second Generation SMART VALVE™ is externally adjustable. Once installed it can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet your building’s needs without ever having to pay a plumber to turn off the water to remove the device to re-calibrate. Saves time, money and avoids future interruption of water delivery.
  • Consistently Better Performance
    • The SMART VALVE™ now has a wide range of effect settings – from ‘zero effect’ to ‘maximum effect’ and more than 20 points in between. The valve is delivered and installed at or near the ‘zero’ setting where it has little or no effect. Once the water is turned back on, the valve is adjusted to the perfect setting for the system. Eliminating the guesswork of calibrating BEFORE installation has resulted in consistently better results every single time and just as importantly, obtaining optimum results without issue.
  • Ability to Adjust to Changes
    • In the future, if the system pressure or flow rate changes up or down, the SMART VALVE™ can be quickly and easily adjusted to maintain maximum savings without the need to interrupt service or call in a plumber.
  • Greater Flow Rates
    • Older valves are often designed to slide inside the pipe in flanged versions or they are typically male-threaded in threaded pipe sizes. This results in a significantly smaller interior diameter than the existing pipe, which therefore lowers your maximum flow rate. The Second Generation SMART VALVE™ is either double-flanged (3-inch and larger) or female-threaded (2-inch and smaller). This allows for a much larger interior diameter with no loss in flow capacity.
  • Highly Visible
    • Facility managers and other personnel come and go. A new facility manager may not know about or be able to easily locate a valve that is installed in a pipeline. Because the Second Generation SMART VALVE™ is clearly marked, it will always be highly visible and easy to locate for existing or future facility personnel.
  • Fully Certified
    • The new design works under the same principles as the original design, is made with the same high-quality materials and is precision manufactured. This innovative new design is covered by the same NSF 61 and NSF 372 certifications.